Best E-Learning Platforms For Web Development In 2020

Best E-Learning Platforms For Web Development In 2020

E-learning is something that has completely transformed the way of education for students. Now you don’t need traditional chalk and board and go in a hurry in fear of missing your essential class. With time, many things have changed, so does chalk and board method of teaching.

In 2020, a deadly virus named coronavirus has arrived. Dangerous viruses can spread from one person to another very quickly. Hence, the world has stopped, and everyone has advised staying at home unless there is something essential only then you may go out. While sitting at home, there is no better way to study than eLearning.

It is more productive, more comfortable, and more straightforward now, and as the digital world is growing each day, so does eLearning. As the demand for eLearning rising steadily, many platforms offer quality content, cost-effective methods, and skills as per today’s requirements. Here students can not only learn what they want but also when they want. It means no one is bound to come up at a particular time to study. Whenever you feel good and positive you may start studying, all you need is a useful internet, and that’s all.

Here we will rank some of the best eLearning platforms for web development.


A website that does not need any introduction in the field of web development. Many of the developers out there reading this must relate. Shakzee offers high-quality web development courses, in-depth details from scratch. They also provide high-quality courses in different languages, such as English, Urdu, and Hindi.

Starting as a beginner, you will end up learning so many things about web development. Their courses cover all the corners of web development and design and PHP, Codeigniter, jquery, and many others, helping you achieve your goals as a developer. If you have a passion for web development, there won’t be any better side.

They come at much lower prices as their membership plan for a month starts from as little as $8. Still, their most popular one is a six-month package for $35 only, which comes very economical considering the detailed and quality of their teaching. Still, the good news is they offer subscription facilities from where you may learn everything by paying very little or no money.

Some courses are listed below from

  1. Codeigniter 4 tutorial
  2. Codeigniter 3
  3. Codeigniter AJAX
  4. WordPress tutorials
  5. eCommerce in Codeigniter
  6. CodeIgniter 4 in Hindi
  7. Object-Oriented In PHP
  8. SQL tutorial
  9. jQuery tutorial


Udemy can also be considered as one of the best platforms to learn web development. We would rate him below Shakzee for some reasons like less quality of courses as we know anyone can upload and sell a course at udemy. Hence, the variety of courses is not so where courses are free, and paid courses are costly as much as $300, which is not affordable for everyone.


Another platform (SkillShare) offers a blend of different courses, including web development. It provides basic and premium versions. The basic version is free of cost, and the premium is not. You may ask, what’s the difference? Well, the problem is that their basic version looks so appealing, but the reality is different; as we all know, these essential services are designed to get you hooked. The Premium version is good enough to have learned the necessary web development skills.

Code College

Code college offers many courses that included front-end, as well as several web development courses. They don’t provide any free perks, and their starting price is also at a higher side. The courses they offer are good enough to help you get going.


An excellent platform offering courses related to coding (Coursera). Web development courses are offered in good quality, and detailed information is provided. Well recognized platform globally, Coursera grants certificates upon completion of programs as well.

Lynda(LinkedIn Learning)

Lynda, now known as Linkedin learning, is one of the best eLearning platforms. An online learning library with over 3,000 videos and adding more every month. They offer so many courses, and web development is also one of their many contents.

Team Treehouse

The team treehouse is another excellent course library. Offers individual courses as well as recommended tracks such as web design and development courses. A unique platform to learn and engage with learners as well as teachers to get through.


Launch school is also one good platform to learn code, and it does help you from scratch to learn all the things you want to. They emphasize slow study learning taking you to the next level in some time. Monthly charges are $199.


All the mentioned platforms above are good enough to get you going and start a future career. They offer quality content/videos, have good teachers, and have all the eLearning services you wish. Some of the best platforms that we recommend you from all these above are Shakzee, Udemy, and Skillshare, but if you are looking to pay less amount and learn more through it, you should go Shakzee.

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