Importance of SSL Certificate And Web Page Speed In SEO

Importance of SSL Certificate And Web Page Speed In SEO

SSL certificate and good page speed both co-relates directly to search engine optimization (SEO). To discuss how it affects Google already defines SEO.

For this, we must understand how Google’s algorithms work. The first thing to know is that Google does not ranks slow web page loading sites, and the reason is simply that once a user clicks a link and the web page takes a long time to load, it annoys the user as well as it’s an indirect loss for search engines like Google where users’ time being wasted.

The same thing goes for the SSL certificate. SSL gives you a complete and secure network, and if you don’t have it, your site might not be safe from hackers. Hence, when a user visits a website without SSL, that page gives them a clear warning that this site might not be secured, and after these, many users don’t waste their time closing it. Google carefully notices such things, and websites that do not have such securities are in Google’s bad list, which costs them their ranking, and it goes down by Google.

Let’s further discuss it and start with SSL.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is a technology that keeps your website safe. It encrypts data and ensures its security while passing through one to another computer over the internet. It secures essential data such as credit cards, email addresses, and any other relevant data collected by websites from being hacked. Such security measures not only protect your necessary data but also let users know that security is the priority here, and your data is secured from hackers and remains confidential.

So, this is the trust that needs to be there while someone visits your website. It does not matter whether your website is new or old. Nowadays, every website should apply for SSL certificates. Why is it important?
SSL certificate brings much-needed trust to your site from the user’s side. Visiting a secured website builds trust upon users as everyone knows about online scams and data breaches nowadays. Having a secured website will be handy on ranking factors as well. The secured website helps SEO as search engines algorithms notice such insights, and a site that thinks about security and safety are always on good books of search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

A website not secured will give a red flag to the user; when several users leave a website, Google notices it and ranks those further below and achieved sites go up with as users feel secured at it, which means spending more time at a particular website.

Web Page Speed

Everyone wishes its website to work fast and give the best user experience possible. There is no doubt that a website that provides a better user experience has higher chances of getting better results. Web load speeds it critical factor as it used to once, how to improve your website speed.

Today’s users are impatient, and they want instant results. Most people worldwide, especially in third world countries, use slow internet connection, generally 3G, but everyone wants faster web results. Smartphone users don’t wait longer than 5 seconds for a website to be loaded, according to the 2012 report by Google.

The consequences for SEO are apparent. Google’s algorithm notes websites with better speed. Those sites which work faster often go above others in search rankings as Google knows that slow loading websites may annoy users and waste their time. Hence, they don’t take such risks because it related to Google as well. After all, you are searching for websites through it.

There are many ways through which you can fasten your site’s speed. Things you need to look out for, such as it may contain so many videos while entering a website or maybe a heavy image page or high DPI images which are not compressed.

So it takes time to load, resulting in users leaving your site and negative marking on search engine rankings. Writing queries carelessly by a programmer can also lead to the slow loading site. Professionally written questions should be implemented for better performance.

Conclusion: Ensure the SSL certificate site and a good web page speed inevitably result in better search engine optimization. It not only helps users’ trust upon your web but also makes a better user experience. Implementing these changes to your website will have instant results on search engine rankings. If you find it helpful and go through some challenges and want to change, let us know with your queries as our expert teams have years of experience handling such issues.

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